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Newsletter Coordinator: Biff Stuart & Dave Cole

 Sigel Sportsmen's Club

 Jan. 2017 Newsletter

Gate Combination:            Club Phone:  (814) 752-2480

Club Officers for 2017:

President:  Biff Stuart (814) 849-5879                             Secretary:  Suzy Stefani (814) 328-2857

Vice President:  Tommy Knapp (814) 771-8473             Treasurer:  Randy Becker (814) 752-2923

Memberships:  Chuck Heeter (814) 752-2395                Newsletter:  Dave Cole (814) 797-0323                 

Coming Events  (check our website for the latest updates):

v  Monthly Meetings:  1st Thursday of every month @ 7:00 PM. 

v  Rifle League Competition:  the Sigel Rifle Team competes in two 4 position Smallbore Rifle Leagues.  Matches are held on Wednesday and Friday evenings starting at 7:00 PM.  The leagues run from Jan. 4 thru March 24.  Check the club website for the match schedule.  Club membership is required to participate in league competition. 

v  .22 Rim-fire “Meat” Shoots:  Steak Shoots will be held on the 4th Thursday of each month Jan. thru Nov. except for April and November.  In April our Easter Ham Shoot will be the Thursday before Easter.  In November our Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot will be the Thursday before Thanksgiving.  Starting time for all shoots is 7:00 PM.

 v  State Wide Winter Coyote Hunt:  Feb. 17, 18, and 19.  Registration is $15.  2/3 of the proceeds will be divided equally among successful hunters.  You can register at the following locations:  Route 66 Sporting Goods; Legacy Archery; and Rich’s Outdoor World.

v  Wild Game Dinner:  March 11th:.  Set up at 4:00, dinner at 5:00, program at 6:00.  Our speaker will be John Brundege. DCNR Forestry/Jefferson Conservation District. Please bring a covered dish. Side dishes, salads, desserts, rolls, and meat dishes would be appreciated. Beverages will be provided.

v  Hunter-Trapper Education Classes:  Basic HTE:  Apr. 1, 9AM—4PM at the Heritage House, 4 Sylvania Street in Brookville.   ALL REGISTRATION IS ON LINE.  To register, please visit the Pennsylvania Game Commission website, .  Click on the “Education” tab, then “Hunter Education”, then “Hunter Education   Class Calendar”.    Follow the on line instructions for registration.  The Sigel Sportsmen’s Club sponsored class will be Saturday, August 12 from 9 am until 4 pm.

v  Jefferson County Youth Field Day. This year’s event is June 10, 7:30 am until 3 pm. ALL REGISTRATION IS ON LINE. Click on Education, then Go Hunting and Shooting, then Youth Programs, then Field Day Program. Any members wishing to help should contact Suzy Stefani.

 Past Events

v  2016 Club Contests:  winners of the Spring Gobbler, Archery Buck, Rifle Buck, and Groundhog Contests will be announced and recognized at the wild game dinner.  Check the web site for pics.

v  2016 Ham Dinner & Gun Raffle: again special thanks to Lester Bauer and Gordon Greeley who chair the two separate committees, and to all the volunteers who help with all the other details needed to make the events go smoothly.  Also, thank you to Grice Gun Shop for the tremendous support they gave the club by providing quality guns at very attractive prices.  Gun winners are posted on our website.  I have been asked how many gun tickets we sell.  Answer: 948 in 2015 and 862 in 2016. 

Other Items

v  Club Dues:  at our Dec. meeting the membership in attendance approved the following dues increases for 2017:  Senior $20; Adult $30; Family $50; Junior $10; Life Memberships age 21-40 $500; age 41-64 $400; age 65 and up $150.

v  MEAT RAFFLE:  we have decided to hold our first ever meat raffle, income from which will be ear marked for specific club improvements.  The first improvement this year is mentioned below.  Later this year we hope to install hot water base board heating in the club house and may run another meat raffle to generate income for that purpose.  The raffle will be for two $500 gift certificates, only one winner per ticket, redeemable at Tom’s Meats, Brookville, PA.  ONLY 400 tickets will be sold at $5.00 each.  FOR ENTRY CONTACT BIFF OR OTHER CLUB OFFICER.

v  Outdoor Range: our range improvement project is continuing.  Our next improvement will involve the drive way from the club parking lot to the firing line.  We plan to remove some large rocks and then cover entire drive way with 2B gravel.  Finances permitting, we may also widen the parking area behind the line.  Also, posting safety signs around the range is on our list of things to do.  There are a lot of people riding ATV/UTV’s in the area these days.  It has not been a problem but we think the signs are a good idea.

NOTE:  red lights have been installed on the firing line.  Their purpose is to assist in range control and safety.  When the red lights are ON someone is downrange or wanting to go down range.

As always, the range is for use by members only. Members may bring guest(s) on occasion. Eye and ear protection required. Please make certain that every shot you fire stops in one of the backstops. Police the range and remove all of your targets when finished.

PLEASE NOTE:  the shotgun backstop, located to the left of the shooting benches and built of rail road ties, is not to be shot with anything other than shotguns loaded with shot shells and .22 rim fires.

v  Indoor Range: ONLY .22 rim fire ammo is authorized; standard velocity ammo recommended; eye and ear protection required.


v  Club Website: Check the website for updated info on club events and the latest additions to the photo gallery. If you would like to contribute a photo, e-mail it to


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