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25th Year Anniversary

Summer Picnic & Raffle

Sunday, July 18, 2010 at the club beginning at 1:00PM.

 To commemorate our 25th Anniversary we will hold a special raffle at our annual summer picnic.  Grand Prize will be a 25th Year Anniversary Henry Golden Boy .22LR with laser engraved wood stock and hand engraved receiver.  Additional prizes will also be drawn.   Only club members are eligible to enter the raffle and only 400 tickets will be printed.  Cost is $10 per ticket and you may buy as many as you want while the supply lasts.  The proceeds from ticket sales will pay for all Anniversary Picnic expenses.  Contact person concerning this event is Don Keth:  phone 814-856-2976; e-mail dbketh@hotmail.com.



Grand Prize:  Henry Golden Boy (non engraved pic shown above)

2nd prize:  $50.00 Sheetz Card                      7th Prize:  $25.00 Tomís Meat Certificate

3rd Prize:  $25.00 Wall Mart Card                8th Prize:  $25.00 Tomís Meat Certificate

4th Prize:  $25.00 Wall Mart Card                 9th Prize:  $25.00 Mikeís Market Certificate

5th Prize:  $25.00 Farmerís Inn Certificate  10th Prize:  $25.00 Mikeís Market Certificate

6th Prize:  $25.00 Farmerís Inn Certificate





 Number Of Tickets _________ times $10 per ticket equals  $____________.

 Make check payable to:  Sigel Sportsmens Club

 Mail application & payment to:  Don Keth, 1474 Keth Road, Summerville, PA 15864

 Your tickets will be entered in the drawing.  If you wish to have your ticket stubs returned by mail, please include a self addressed stamped envelope.  And, thank you for your support. 


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