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Photo Gallery

The Sigel Sportsmen's Club would like to create a "Sportsmen's" photo gallery for members to share their photos with fellow sportsmen.

Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Nature, Wildlife Photos for example.

Any Club member wishing to share any of their photos,  can send them to

The best file format to send them is JPG or GIF. The higher the resolution the better the picture.

If an electronic version is not available, a hard copy of the photo can be sent to:

Sigel Sportsmen's Club

Photo Gallery

P.O. Box 155

Sigel, PA 15860

Please include your name and any information about the photo when submitting photos.

The club reserves the right not to publish any photo. The club will also reserve the right to add and removes photos as necessary. The club will also remove any photo from the gallery at the  request of the person who submitted it.

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